What do the world’s most effective sales and customer success teams do differently?

What if you and your entire customer-facing organization were able to:

  • Systematically do flawless discovery and qualification, therefore understanding your customer better than your competition?
  • Map your solution to the specific needs of the customer?
  • Create so much value in your customers' minds that they want your solution no matter what the price?
  • Become comfortable and confident asking the “hard” questions?
  • Build profound relationships in days/weeks instead of months/quarters?

What if your first-line managers were able to:

  • Develop their coaching skills quickly?
  • Gain the skills and tracking tools to set up every deal to win?
  • Eliminate surprises and reduce risk in every deal?

What if true sales transformation allowed you to:

  • Consistently and predictably overachieve revenue goals?
  • Increase your win rate?
  • Reduce discounting?
  • Increase average deal size?
  • Dramatically reduce your sales-cycle?
  • Reduce your team’s ramp-time?
  • Get more reps hitting quota?

What if you could learn in days or weeks what it's taken the giants of the sales world years to master?

I look forward to seeing how we might take your sales organization to the next level!

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Barry Rhein, Founder

Barry Rhein & Associates 

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Selling Through Curiosity™(STC)

Our award-winning sales skills program is designed for ALL customer-facing teams with a focus on creating measurable selling results. The program is customizable for all segments from high transactional (SMB) sales to large enterprise opportunities. We obtain measurable selling results with distributed, direct and indirect sales teams. We have both in-person and live-virtual programs available. Imagine history making selling/renewal results without any travel!

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Managing & Coaching Through Curiosity™

Managing and Coaching Through Curiosity™ is for managers of teams that are participating in our Selling Through Curiosity™ program. First line managers are the greatest leverage point in an organization. This program is designed to develop great coaching skills while accelerating the adoption and ensuring the success of the Selling Through Curiosity™ curriculum. We use several coaching tools including our “STC Deal Health Dashboard™” used to guarantee the quality of opportunities throughout the selling process.  

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Through Curiosity™ Suite of Programs

Barry Rhein & Associates also offers the “Through Curiosity™” suite of skill-based programs that use curiosity to make a measurable difference in our students lives. They include Dating Through Curiosity™, Network Marketing Through Curiosity™, Leading Through Curiosity™, Coaching Through Curiosity™, and more!

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